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Current Newsletter | TE HAONGA MAI

Download here | Issue Eighteen - June 2012 (pdf)


Te Haonga mai is an Iwi Newsletter produced by the Trust Board to keep Whanganui Iwi up to date with issues or events have happened or will be in the near future. Though not updated for some time, we are pleased to advise the next issue for 2008 is fast approaching completion.

Should you wish to promote or include something that would be beneficial please leave a message at the Trust Board refer to CONTACT US. If you would like to be included on an Iwi Electronic Mail Out please forward your most up to date email address to the team.

Current Newsletter

Issue Eighteen - June 2012 (pdf)



Issue One - May 2003 (pdf)

Issue Two - June 2003 (pdf)

Issue Three - July 2003 (pdf)

Issue Four - August / September 2003 (pdf)

Issue Five - October 2003 / January 2004 (pdf)

Issue Six - April 2004 / May 2004 (pdf)

Issue Seven – September 2004 / October 2004 (pdf)

Issue Eight – October 2004 / December 2004 (pdf)

Issue Nine – January 2005 / April 2005 (pdf)

Issue Ten – May 2005 / August 2005 (pdf)

Issue Eleven - October 2005 / Dec 2005 (pdf)

Issue Twelve - January 2006 / April 2006 (pdf)

Issue Thirteen - January 2008 / April 2008 (pdf)

Issue Fourteen - August 2009 (pdf)

Issue Fifteen - July 2011 (pdf)

Issue Sixteen - Oct 2011 (pdf)

Issue Seventeen- January 2012 (pdf)


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New publication- Mouri Tu, Mouri Ora

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